in a perfect world of yancies: Falling for Franklin

15 October 2012

Falling for Franklin

Love this time of year! Nice and cool outside; great smells; amazing colors.
Fall at the Japanese Garden
Really the perfect time to visit the Seattle Japanese Garden. Thanks to Jeff, Jenn, and the adorable Tyler for hanging out with us there—and for getting this picture!

I even managed to take a good one myself (with help, of course, from the terrific subjects):
Fall Foliage at the Japanese Garden

And a great time of year to curl up with a good friend and a good book:

Speaking of, I've also been lucky enough this fall to be involved in two different reading groups.

First, the SU Faculty Ancient Greek Reading Group is back on its feet! (And maybe if I put the name in capital letters we'll keep going even with only three members?)

This year we're reading Xenophon's Anabasis.

It's supposedly an easy read, often used in 2nd-year Greek classes... but hopefully that will mean we can go at a fun clip.

And second, my friend Pete has started a book club. First meeting was pretty fun: insightful comments, funny reviews, and pizza! :)

We're starting with Cloud Atlas, and if we stay on pace we should be done just in time for the upcoming movie:

Finally, fall means school pictures! We're still waiting for the photographer's prints, but here are some backstage shots I took:
School Photo Shoot

Class Photo Shoot
Best wishes for a glorious fall, reader.


  1. Where do I begin?!

    Emily, have I told you how much I love your new haircut? And what a beautiful background to show it off!

    Franklin, have I told you how cute you are? Can't wait to get one of those photos!

    Yancy, do you remember that poem that ends: "Richer than I you can never be; I had a [parent] who read to me."?

    And now you're reading Greek--who'da thunk it?!

    Love, Gma C. X :) X

  2. Definitely remember that poem! Thanks for that!