in a perfect world of yancies: Weekly Activity Chart, 17-21 Sept.

23 September 2012

Weekly Activity Chart,
17-21 Sept.

Franklin's been enjoying daycare, and I love reading his teachers' write-ups.
Lunchtime at the ILC
Thursday 20 September
  • ate chili & beans w/ground turkey, carrots, cornbread, and apple sauce
  • did a good job today; fed himself lunch; good job Franklin!
  • Franklin had a great day. He sat on the small matt and played with a soft stuffed animal and rattles. He likes shaking and looking and smiles. Seemed so happy :)

Playing at the ILC
Tuesday 18 September
  • tried a few bites of mac & cheese, mixed veggies, and cherries
  • Franklin had a good day. He sat on the floor, and played with musical toys and piano with his friend Theo. They were talking and smiling and sharing toys. Seemed to be having so much fun!

And of course he and I have been enjoying our time together at home:
Sunday Morning

Dad's current favorite shirt:
Boys Can Wear Pink

Finding restaurant highchairs are usually a bit big for our little guy, but he seemed into it for a little while on our last lunch outing with Pete:
Riding Low in the High Chair
All right reader, have a great week!


  1. how cute!!! and I agree, boys can wear pink! and girls can wear blue! I am getting more and more excited about visiting, can't wait to meet the happy, smiling baby Franklin!

  2. We're looking forward to it too! Just a couple of weeks now, huh?