in a perfect world of yancies: Sit Back and Relax

13 September 2012

Sit Back and Relax

Well, I finished that paper, and now I need to head to the Amtrak station and get myself to the University of Oregon to read it at this year's Northwest Ancient Philosophy Workshop. Here's the sort of fun I'll have to live without for a couple of days:
Have a Seat!
Can't wait to see these two again!

In the meantime, a belated congrats to Merrica! She recently completed her initial training for the Foreign Service. Here she is finding out that her first posting (after she learns Swahili (how cool is that?)) will be in Tanzania:
With Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield: "She is our class mentor. She is currently the Director General of the Foreign Service, and before that was the Ambassador to Liberia."

Okay, this is a bit of a grab-bag post, but speaking of congratulations, this marriage proposal by David Pogue, my favorite tech columnist, is pretty cool:

Finally, for some reason this song has been in my head lately, which means that when Franklin can't sleep at night he gets to hear my try to sing it:

I'm nowhere near that good, but so far he doesn't seem to mind :)

Cheers, reader. Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a safe and pleasant trip; and I hope you wow them with your presentation!

    Love, Mom X :) X

  2. P.S. I couldn't be any prouder of you OR Merrica!

    Love, Mom X :) X