in a perfect world of yancies: Just Sing, Little Darling, Sing With Me

16 April 2012

Just Sing, Little Darling, Sing With Me

I just love this song lately:

Interesting video, no? As this album review explains, they filmed it at Joshua Tree on "the birthday of Gram Parsons, who would have been 65 if he hadn't died there when he was 26."

Anyway, I can't sing quite as well as those girls, but I do like to walk and sing to Franklin:
Yancy Walking with Franklin

Meanwhile, he just keeps it cute:
Over the Shoulder Franklin

He recently enjoyed meeting Elliott, the newborn son of my officemate Will and his wife Jamelia:

Okay, here are a couple bonus sunny day photos:
Hats on a Sunny Day

Franklin All Dressed and Ready to Go


  1. Hi, Yancy! I work with your mom and she told me about this post. I just saw First Aid Kit live in concert last week and they are even better in person! I wrote about it on my blog if you want to come take a look. We were standing right at the stage so it was really an amazing experience. At one point they stood at the very front edge of the stage and sang using only one guitar and the audience sang with them. It was very intimate and sweet.

  2. Hi--thanks for commenting! That's cool that you saw them last week--sounds like a great show! We briefly considered taking 8 week-old Franklin to their Seattle show, but decided we'd better wait for the next tour :)

  3. Gosh, I can't believe how big Franklin is getting! And he just looks cuter and cuter in each photo!

    I was going to tell you about Amy having gone to a First Aid Kit concert, but it looks like she beat me to it. When I listened to that song, I started crying from the beauty of their angelic voices.

    How about more photos of Emily?

    Have a great day! Love, Grandma C. X :) X

  4. I second Grandma Christine....Franklin is getting so big and strong! More pictures of Mommy and Franklin! :) magen

  5. Agreed--we need more photos of the two of them, and of Mommy! Now if only Daddy was as good with a camera as Mommy... :)

    That's a cool coincidence about that band. They seem great; all three of us really like that new album.