in a perfect world of yancies: Two New Friends, and Tulips Too!

20 April 2012

Two New Friends,
and Tulips Too!

A rainy Monday afternoon at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival: just about perfect. Sure, it got a little muddy, but bright colors look great against grey skies, and it doesn't hurt to have some rain to thin the crowds :)

Franklin also really enjoyed meeting his Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rhonda. And they were nice enough to share some of their photos, like that one up above. Lots more available online.

Before the muddy Monday, we had some lovely weather in town, so Franklin showed his new friends around a bit. Here they are on the Seattle U campus:
Grandpa Ray & Grandma Rhonda at SU

And at the Volunteer Park Conservatory:
Ray & Mimi at Volunteer Park

But the photographic highlights definitely came up north among the tulips:
Mimi, Mud, and Flowers

Beautiful Things in Yellow

A few more photos from the grandparents:

Thanks for the great photos, and the fun visit!


  1. Really great photos! It sure is exciting for everyone to get out there and get the chance to meet that adorable bundle of Franklin! I sure hope I get my chance soon!
    Love you guys!!!

  2. You too! Franklin is looking forward to meeting you!