in a perfect world of yancies: Catching Up On Pies, Both Cutie and Pizza

28 April 2012

Catching Up On Pies,
Both Cutie and Pizza

Smiley Tummy Time
Wow it's been busy lately! Teaching a senior synthesis class, attending end-of-the-year events on campus, getting ready to return to work at Providence Archives, strengthening our neck muscles...

Thankfully every now and then there's time to relax!
Nap Time

So, it's taken us a little while to post some of these, but here's a little photo round-up:

A couple more nice shots of Grandma Rhonda and Grandpa Ray's visit:
Franklin and Grandma Rhonda

Franklin and Grandpa Ray
Thanks again for coming to see us!

And for joining us on some fun restaurant outings, including my first chopsticks-over-a-baby lunch :)
Dining Out

And here's Franklin, his mom, and his drool:
Mom and Franklin and Drool

He was also a good sport the other day as we prepared a homemade pizza:
We saw Mark Bittman's recent article and had to give it a try. Verdict: yummy, could be yummier... so we're trying again this weekend!

And boy do I love that magic part of spring when asparagus is in season!
Yummy Dinner

As I said, a busy time, but at least Emily and I have such charming and handsome company:
Smiles All Around

Tummy Time!


  1. Franklin: Your opening number is a real show-stopper!

    See you soon, Grandma Christine X :) X

  2. Wow, Franklin looks bigger already...and YES, we had a great time.

  3. Is that young man already holding his head up? Getting ready to go for it?

    --Grandpa Ray

  4. Yep, he's pretty big and strong... and adorable! :)