in a perfect world of yancies: Sisters & Symposia

01 September 2009

Sisters & Symposia

As you may have heard on Emily's Twitter feed, Providence Archives now has a Flickr stream going; here's one of my favorites:

Sisters prepare to leave on a begging tour in the Kootenay, British Columbia, c. 1896
Originally uploaded by Providence Archives, Seattle

This one is also popular:

Sisters depart the Nome mission, 1918
Originally uploaded by Providence Archives, Seattle

Oh, and I know I've posted this already, but just to fill things out a bit, here's my desk from the other day:

Finished a draft of a paper on Plato's Symposium, but not before I had 5 different copies (Greek, English, both) going at once...
Was a fun project, and hopefully I'll be reading it at a conference or two in the coming months. Let me know if you'd like a copy, reader.


  1. Fascinating photos! Can you imagine living that lifestyle? (I can't.)

    Good luck with the paper!

  2. I can't even imagine imagining it!

    But I love the pictures!