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06 March 2011

Sunday Magazine Notes

Liking a lot of the new New York Times Sunday Magazine, including this story about a pretty cool amateur dance video.

Here's the video trailer:

Girl Walk // All Day from jacob krupnick on Vimeo.

And the new Bittman column is here, looking good...

But I loved Virginia Heffernan! How could they cut her??

The world moves forward, though, for better and for worse. And in case it seems odd to devote an entire blog post to my thoughts about a magazine, let me end by praising Sam Anderson's discussion of marginalia. He hits it near the head here: "a way to not just passively read but to fully enter a text, to collaborate with it, to mingle with an author on some kind of primary textual plane."

Blogging's not quite margin-writing, of course, and I agree with Anderson that e-readers haven't quite mastered their margins (though they're awfully close), but I share his hope that "technology, rather than destroying the tradition of marginalia, could actually help us return it to its gloriously social 18th-century roots."

So, here I'll make these notes on the new Magazine. And if you want to follow my note-taking as I read with the Kindle app, this link should work.

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  1. Oh, to have that young lady's energy!

    And I'm not sure I can overcome my strict upbringing regarding never writing in books, but the author certainly does present some good arguments for doing so...

    Mom D.