in a perfect world of yancies: September Highlights

28 September 2010

September Highlights

Let's see... the Seattle U library renovation is finally finished. There are many lovely features and lots of natural lighting. Pretty good slideshow from the SU student paper.

But one thing I especially like is the way the old exterior wall is now an interior wall separating the old & new wings:

And Portland was fun. Not only did Emily set up an exhibit & Yancy give a paper, but we also got together with some old friends. Including Emily Greene:
Emily Greene & Yancy

We also finally met the fabulous Willa:
Ismail, Kari, and Willa

While I was at my conference, Emily explored some of the historic Sisters of Providence sites in the area, including Providence Academy:
Providence Academy

It's no longer owned by the Sisters. See if you can find evidence of that in the next photo:
El Presidente
Still a great-looking campus though, no?

All right, I need to go to class, but here's one more thing that I like quite a bit:

Hmm: that doesn't seem to play on my computer at work. Here's a link just in case:

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  1. Wow—too much to comment on at one time!

    The "new" library is beautiful—and I love the clever café name!

    Glad you got to visit friends.

    Mom D.