in a perfect world of yancies: Storing and Stewing

04 November 2009

Storing and Stewing

I dropped by the Seattle Area Archivists table at the Washington Archives Fair last week, in the Seattle Public Library:
Emily at Archives Fair, Seattle Public Library
Emily, current Chair of the group, manning their display.

Also worth displaying:
lamb necks!
some delicious lamb necks.

We bought them on the recommendation of the nice gentelman at the Olsen Farms stall at the farmers market, and we used them in stew. Probably the best stew I've ever had, or at least up there. Necks: who knew?

Finally, in bonus We're Better Than Maine news, it looks like Referendum 71 is doing well. After two days of vote counting it's ahead 52% to 48%.
Who's voting for it?

Apparently those of us who live near water.

Well, whatever. As long as it passes!
And the scary lady who opposes most all forms of public transit will not become King County Executive! Phew!
So whatever you might want to say about races outside of Washington, at least the results here look good...

All right, reader, back to grading!


  1. Way to go, Emily!

    What other ingredients were in the stew? Anything else out of the ordinary?

  2. Nah, stew was pretty simple: carrots, potatoes, (homemade) chicken stock...
    Guess that was part of why it was so surprisingly good? Speaking of, I'd better go heat up some leftover stew right now. Happy Saturday!