in a perfect world of yancies: Camping and Gaming

29 November 2009

Camping and Gaming

A quick hit from the scanner:
Emily, Frank, Fran, Dave, Magen, and Annie on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters

And a bit of post-Thanksgiving game playing at Jon and Sara's:

Thanks for the photo and the fun!

One more kid-camping shot:
Fran, Magen, Dave, Emily heading into the Bob Marshall Wilderness

Hope you have a great week, reader!


  1. Emily's been to the Bob Marshall?! And at such a young age?! Wow, I'm impressed ...

  2. Is there a story behind the bike helmet?

  3. Yeah, she's an impressive kid, no question.

    Ah the helmet: I'd almost forgotten! We were playing a board game called Quelf, which (sort of like Cranium) includes trivia questions, charades-like challenges, and also "rules." Jon, for better or worse, drew a rule card that required him to wear a helmet for the duration of the (fortunately brief) game...