in a perfect world of yancies: Old Photos, New Recipes

13 November 2009

Old Photos, New Recipes

Still scanning...
One of my favorite photos of Merrica and myself. At Lincoln Park, on a boat (!), in 1999.

In school yesterday, a student brought in some cookies she'd told us about earlier in the week.
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Bacon and chocolate chip. Tasty? Weird?
For some comments from other friends of mine, you can check out the Facebook post.

One more from the scanner:
Larry and David Hughes, at St Olaf for Emily's graduation, 1999.


  1. That poor cookie--so alone in the world.

  2. Love the photo of you and Merrica. As I recall, this was a farewell outing before you left for Kansas.

    I noticed your tweet yesterday and said something to a co-worker. She immediately responded that, everywhere she looks lately, she is seeing recipes for bacon and chocolate. So your student is definitely current. And today's msn home page suggests sprinkling bacon bits on chocolate cupcakes. Who knew?