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07 September 2009

Slow Blog Day

But maybe this is a good time to catch you up on the doings at our place...

Remember this phone? Turns out it's been sitting in a box unused for, let's say the last three years. Fortunately, I finally got around to doing something about that: sent all four (yikes!) of our old cell phones to, where they'll donate what's reusable and recycle the rest. They even pay for the shipping!

Also sold an old iPod by using the CHS classifieds. Nice.

Where is this post going? Not sure, but I saw this on a walk the other day:
stair wall
Love it.

And finally, back to home-improvement, we took advantage of the holiday weekend to finally organize our books, which we hadn't really done since we left Kansas three years ago (!). Raised some interesting questions--for example, is President Obama's memoir best placed with the biographies? Or creative non-fiction? What about his second book? And do three Gabriel García Márquez books justify a Colombian section?

We ended up with quite a range of subject areas, but it's maybe no surprise that philosophy had the most titles (somewhere around 160), followed pretty closely by American literature. So, there you have it.

Cheers, reader!

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  1. Love the blocked stairway photo. Reminds me of life sometimes ...