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15 September 2009

Out in the Cascades

Spent my last weekend of summer hiking and camping with Jon & Sara--former neighbors & current friends--in and around North Cascades National Park, a couple of hours north and east of Seattle.
Sara in the Cascades
Sara, enjoying the view from above Ross Lake

Sara and Emily, eying the trail over Ross Lake Dam:
overlooking Ross Lake Dam

We hiked down to the dam:
Ross Lake Dam

And then over to Ross Lake Resort, a wonderfully strange, even surreal grouping of cabins and boat houses, all floating on logs in the lake.
Ross Lake Resort
Only accessible, of course, by boat or by hiking trail.

Jon & Sara at Ross Lake Resort
Jon and Sara, waiting for the water taxi back to the other side of the lake.

On the water taxi:
on the water taxi, Ross Lake
Really just a motorboat, but "water taxi" is fun to say.

Ross Lake Resort water taxi

Goodbye, Ross Lake Resort

We couldn't stay, since we had reserved a campsite at nearby Rasar State Park.

Sadly, we took no photos (partly because it was dark by the time we were settled in & fed), but the Washington State Parks system has an awesome website, that has things like maps of the parks:

And even photos of individual campsites, like ours, good old #47:

Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, good company. A great way to end the summer.

Speaking of, I have a syllabus to finish...
Cheers, reader.

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