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02 May 2008

Sweet Corn and Cast Iron

So I was craving tortillas the other day. And not flour tortillas (as if); not that hard-shell nonsense you eat as a kid; definitely not the months-old "fresh corn tortillas" they sell at the grocery store here. . . . But it's such a pain to make them yourself, all that rolling and whatnot.

We looked around, though, and found a great looking, simple, cast iron tortilla press online. Wow. And so cute!

And for sale just a couple miles away, near Pike Place. Within 90 minutes (we jogged down there, thinking it was a good excuse to get some exercise) we were making our own delicious tortillas. Mmmm.

What's the recipe, you ask? Pretty straight-forward:

1 cup water (or slightly more if things seem too dry)
2 cups masa harina (corn flour)

Mix. Press.

Cook in a skillet for a couple minutes. (Preferably in the cute new miniature cast iron skillet you just got.)

Fill with something tasty like homemade black beans.

Add your favorite toppings. Me, I like it simple--cilantro y cebolla, as they say.

Eat. Be amazed.

Best purchase ever? Definitely in the running.

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  1. Cute tortilla press; cute skillet; cute table; cute kids—Wow!