in a perfect world of yancies: A Few Pictures

22 May 2008

A Few Pictures

Okay, I've decided to stop waiting until I have time and instead just put up some photos. Thanks for your patience.

Well, a couple of weeks ago we rode our bikes down to Seward Park. Now, our rides have gotten fewer and farther between lately (and I still haven't tried out my fenders in the rain--too busy? too lazy? somewhere in between, most likely), but hopefully that'll be rectified soon.

Overlooking I-90 from Lake Washington Boulevard, a road that gets shut down every couple of weeks so that bicyclists can have it all to themselves (though not actually at the part pictured. whatever). Good stuff.

And we saw the impressive exhibition of Roman art from the Louvre at the Seattle Art Museum.

Took enough trouble to sneak this photo of Emily and a handsome moose, so I have no photos of the Roman art . . . but you get the idea, right?

And the insanely bright flowers continue to bloom.

And we tried another taco truck, Taqueria La Fondita #2.

Delicious. I recommend the adobada.

Lastly, we attended a couple of screenings at the Northwest Film Forum, which was offering a series called Duel of the Cool: "In the cinematic bout of the century, [Jean-Paul] Belmondo and [Marcello] Mastroianni duke it out in three rounds of classic European cinema! We'll be running a month-long audience survey to determine which actor wins the title of 'King Of Cool.'"

Great poster, no?
Due to scheduling issues and such, we ended up seeing only two films, both of which we'd seen before, but seeing and Pierrot Le Fou on the big screen was pure cool.

And the winner? See for yourself. Who would you vote for, reader? Our candidate won this one, if you're wondering (hope that sentence stays true for some other elections . . .).


  1. Aunt Hilda from Helena ...?

    Park sounds lovely, by the way.


  2. Well, you know how Aunt Hilda gets . . .

    Didn't even notice that in the article: thanks for pointing it out. Funny stuff.

    Park is lovely. We were thinking we could check it out when you're here this summer.