in a perfect world of yancies: Sasquatch!

27 May 2008


Last weekend was the Sasquatch! Music Festival, at the Gorge Amphitheatre in central Washington. Great music. Incredible venue.

Enjoying the view, and Fleet Foxes, at the Gorge

And then it got cloudy

Still some good views behind us, though, no?

As you may recall, MIA likes to bring the kids up on stage . . . good times

Like me new shirt? What about the charming expression on my face?

We also saw a fun set by Dengue Fever, including this song which of course made us both think of Merrica:
Tiger Phone Card - Dengue Fever
If you have trouble understanding & want lyrics, check here.

New Pornographers--and they were all there, too!

Sun peeking through the clouds

Despite the rain, the cold, and the late hour, REM was the highlight of the day for me. Too bad our camera is no good at low-light stuff . . .

Hopefully there will soon be pictures and such on the REM website.

For no real reason, during the early part of the REM set I kept mock-shouting "play Harborcoat," a song from their 1984 release Reckoning; a song that they almost never play: twice in twenty-five years, according to one source--okay, according to the band. Right after they played it Saturday night!!!

In case you want to hear it:
Harborcoat - R.E.M.

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