in a perfect world of yancies: Seattle, Sure; but Oh that Lawrence . . .

15 April 2008

Seattle, Sure; but Oh that Lawrence . . .

Thanks for you patience, Mel.

Took a bike ride recently up to Gas Works Park and on into Fremont. Lovely time. Odd, but handsome park:

Look, way over across the water--Capitol Hill!

And after miles of riding, how could we not stop here?

More basketball watch-party photos!
thanks, Dave


Yancy, before things got going

Jamie almost looks nervous . . .

The opposing team's lineup? No time for that; too busy reading the paper . . .

More fun during and after the game:

Hard to believe it's all over (for this year!) . . .

Luckily, Kristin, who runs the alumni email list, is awesome

She put together an outing to the Mariners/Royals game. It was cold, and it wasn't the best game ever (that's right, Royals fans, I said it . . .), but was great to see everyone again.

And they sell garlic fries at Safeco! Wow. (Thanks, Shannon, for sharing with us!)

Just heard a charming story on the radio about Lawrence's post office . . . ah Lawrence. Good stuff on the parade for the basketball team over on, too.


  1. Bit more Lawrence stuff: funny story about Roy Williams' reputation in town has made the AP wire, and from there the New York Times:

    The New York Times!

  2. Great photos, great stories, great links—thanks for making my day!


  3. And thanks for fixing the Rock Chalk cheer, sounds much better from that link.