in a perfect world of yancies

08 April 2008

I'll try later this week to find some words to describe how amazing this experience has been. For discussion, feel free to check out our Jayhawk Nation blog.



  1. I agree, what a ride!
    But, now I hear Bill is on the move??? Booooooo

  2. I don't know, I wouldn't count Lew Perkins out yet . . .

  3. In case you're still worried, Eric, here's some more, from

    Self, who stressed, “I love KU, I love this place, my family loves this place,” gave every indication he will remain Jayhawk coach, perhaps with an announcement as early as Thursday, once some specifics are discussed.

    “I anticipate this moving forward in a very positive way. This won’t drag on,” Self said. “All I’m interested in is giving the program the best chance to continue to compete at the highest of levels. Lew wants that, too.”

    Self - he figures to receive a hefty bump in salary with the security of the additional years he desires - said he also will visit with Oklahoma State officials, who want him to replace Sean Sutton.
    That talk will likely come in the form of a phone call.

    “It’s not to compare offers or anything,” Self said. “Out of respect to my alma mater, I’ll at least visit with them. I don’t anticipate anything as far as serious interest in leaving this place. I love this place.”

  4. You're right, Mom, something weird is going on with that sound file in Explorer . . .
    If you want to hear the chant, try this link.

  5. Cool—thanks!