in a perfect world of yancies: Nora and Rodrigo

14 October 2007

Nora and Rodrigo

Congratulations to these wonderful kids

And here's to Paul, Keisuke, Rilian, Lysbet, Chris, Carrie . . . what a weekend. Many thanks to the happy couple for putting together such good times.

After a fun evening at the Ginger Man, we hit the water with Paul and Keisuke.

Emily, Keisuke (with shirt on head) and Paul canoing on Barton Springs in Zilker Park

Keisuke and Paul

Then it was on to the wedding, at the very pretty Barr Mansion. I didn't get any good shots, so I encourage you to take a look at their site.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin

Um, shaky hand, I guess


Great, and late, time at the wedding, reception, and after party. What better for the next day, then, than a nice drive and some nice barbecue?

At the amazing Salt Lick barbecue place, in the hill country outside of Austin

And then a bit of shopping, perhaps?

Boot store. Carrie looked so good in the pair she got that she was featured on a website called
Here's a photo, courtesy of

[Note: the website originally listed was incorrect (changed 16 Oct. 2007)]

How could you not stop here for a snack?


And we enjoyed a lovely post-wedding rehearsal dinner: here's the bride and groom leading some toasts

Finally, honky tonk:

Chris, Emily, and Carrie outside the justly famous Broken Spoke. Willie Nelson's played there, parts of the excellent "Friday Night Lights" tv-show have been filmed there . . . and on and on

Keisuke modeling the shirt Rodrigo gave him

Rilian, Rodrigo, Lysbet, Keisuke, Emily, Yancy

Lysbet, Yancy, Keisuke, Paul, Rilian, Nora, Rodrigo

Paul, Keisuke, Rilian in the cozy backseat of Lysbet's rental car


Nora and Keisuke (watching his feet) two-stepping

Yancy, Keisuke, Broken Spoke owner James White, and Rilian

Please enjoy this footage of Keisuke, Lysbet, Rodrigo, and Emily (among others) dancing at the Broken Spoke as Bruce Robison plays:


  1. Wow—that was some weekend!

    Congratulations, Rodrigo and Nora!


  2. whoa -- i can't believe the "Styleshaker"lady said she was ordering "an expresso" !!!! that would never fly in seattle.

  3. Can you please explain:

    1) the cake; 2) Emily's comment


  4. I don't know; both seem self-explanatory to me.

    How about this:
    Dia de los Muertos on Wikipedia.

    And, for Mimi's comment, please see above, regarding Carrie's boots.

    Thanks for reading.

    And thanks, Mimi, for pointing out that hilarious typo (and for your first ever comment on the blog!)!