in a perfect world of yancies: Look, Mountains! and Have You Heard About

25 October 2007

Look, Mountains! and Have You Heard About

Tuesday was a truly beautiful fall day; perfect for getting some good views of those mountains that I tend to forget pretty much surround the city . . .

Alas, the gate to the water tower in Volunteer Park was locked in the morning, and all the trees make views rare in our neighborhood.

I got a few shots, like this one of the Olympics, but there's just a lot of stuff in between here and those mountains.

That evening, however, Emily was kind enough to try again with me, and the tower was open:

Facing east: moon, mountains, Bellevue (?), Lake Washington . . .

Facing, oh, west-southwest: skyline, with Olympic Mountains (?) in the background.

And finally, of course, facing south-southeast: there it is!


So anyway, I'm totally in love with I have a local (Seattle) phone number that rings on my Kansas cell phone . . . among other incredible things. Rather than try to explain, let me show you a short film (yes, it's my hero David Pogue again):

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And it's all totally free!

Want to try it out? Well, I won't post my number, but how about this: you click the button, it'll ring my phone . . . I may even answer.

Finally, here's a bonus shot of Magen & the kids:


  1. Very impressive, all ...


  2. My memory wants to say, that last mountain rising out of the smog is either MT Hood or Baker, but I think Mt Hood. Rainer should be North East.
    Still there are definitely some stunning views from whee you are.

  3. When did they move Mount Rainier?!


  4. I was wondering the same thing.

    So I checked a map, and it looks like it should still be there . . .

    Anyway, thanks for the comments, readers.