in a perfect world of yancies: June in the QCA

06 June 2007

June in the QCA

Last weekend we had the pleasure of entertaining my mom for a couple of busy, beautiful (mostly), early-summer days. After a long day spent riding on trains, she arrived in time for the evening's Swing of the Quad Cities baseball game in Davenport.

Mom and me at the Swing game

Mom and Mimi

Next day, we waited out some morning rain and got a great deal on a bike rental at the Moline office of the QC Visitors Bureau.

Emily and Mom on the bike trail

Turned into a great afternoon, so we rode about 5 miles east, to Hampton, IL.

action shot!

How could we get back, though, after all that riding? And with the wind blowing east? Not to worry: the bus company also runs a water taxi!

aboard the Channel Cat
We crossed to Iowa, grabbed some lunch, and took the boat back just in time to drop off the bike before the office closed.
I guess the Quad Cities might be pretty fun after all. . . .

PS, from Braxton's recent visit:

bonus shot of Braxton in Yancy's hat, holding a copy of this other cute photo of Braxton and Mimi


  1. Thanks for showing me such a wonderful time, for putting me up and for putting up with me. The Quad Cities area actually has a lot going for it!

    Mom Dominick

  2. P. S. Happy Anniversary! Hope you are enjoying your weekend in Lawrence.

    Mom D.