in a perfect world of yancies: Six Years

09 June 2007

Six Years

A toast from six years ago today

I married Emily that day, and that's the tops.

Before the show


With my best man Merrica

Thank you to Merrica and to my family and Emily's family, and all of our friends: you all made it a day we will always remember. (In a good way.)
(And while I'm at it, thanks also to Scott Hughes, and his assistant, at the time, Magen, for the great digital photos.)
(Oh, and speaking of Magen, she sang a great rendition of Blue Skies. I don't have a recording of that, but I've put Ella Fitzgerald's version up as a reminder.)

My bride

With her father

9 June 2001


  1. Great photos! I particularly like the one of Emily in the crook of the tree. Best wishes to you both.

    Mom Dominick

  2. P.S. Your "wedding garden" is blooming quite nicely this year.

    Mom D.

  3. Congrats. And belated congrats on your 5th... that one totally passed me by.

  4. My boyfriend means to pay more attention...I believe he means to say congrats on you 6th. Jeez. I'm so embarrassed.