in a perfect world of yancies: Some Music (more to come)

03 September 2006

Some Music (more to come)

We saw an excellent show Friday--the Jurassic 5. Quite impressive, to rhyme like that--4 mc's, in unison, and so quick. Great.

However, first we could bring no camera into the show (I took some shots with my phone--I'll get back to you on how those turned out); and then the camera batteries died. The following, then, is a partial description of our weekend, facilitated mainly by my phone and the camera on our new MacBook (more on that later, perhaps).

First off, a video of Braxton on the piano at Fran & Dave's:

Here's a few shots experimenting with the MacBook's built in camera (and effects):

And one last shot of Braxton:



  1. Isn't that kid too young to drive?! I know they grow up fast, but common. I'm glad your taking advantage of the MacBook camera feature. I'm trying to convince Deron to get one so we can use that exact item to chat...throw in a good word for the MacBook for me! Have fun at your first day of school.