in a perfect world of yancies: Monday in the Park with Braxton

04 July 2006

Monday in the Park with Braxton

Okay, first of all, we had an awesome time at Trace's wedding--we saw Chris Lee, Paul, Rodrigo, Mary and Alan Moss, and even Keisuke. Awesome. Sadly, I forgot the camera, so we're waiting for pictures from everyone else; as soon as I get them, I'll post them.

In the mean time, please enjoy these photos and videos from our visit with the Iwanski's:

Braxton on the slide, with Dave at his side

Some video of Braxton and Daddy on the swing (it's a bit smushed; sorry; this link should take you to a version with a 'resize' option):

Yancy and Braxton on the teeter-totter (with help from Dave):

Braxton looks on as Yancy edits video footage of (of course) Braxton

Magen holding Braxton after his swim--he loved it; in fact, as soon as we'd take him out, he'd run back to the pool and try to gently lower himself in again . . . damn cute

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  1. Cute pictures of Braxton!

    Can't wait to see the ones from the wedding.