in a perfect world of yancies: Got to Love These Guys; and a Bog; and Rock Island

10 July 2006

Got to Love These Guys; and a Bog; and Rock Island

Emily, Yancy, Keisuke, Paul, and Rodrigo, making good use of Mary and Alan Moss' hat collection. As you can see, we're almost ready to attend Trace's wedding--which, alas, took place as Brazil, alas, was losing to France (hence my shirt, which I did finally take off for the ceremony).

So anyway, we recently returned from a 10-day trek througout the midwest; we covered Chicago, Rock Island, central Indiana . . . who knows? (not all will be included in this post; more will soon follow, gentle reader).

The main reason for the trip was the aformentioned wedding of our friend Trace to his girl Julie; for us, that meant a chance to catch up with some old friends, and some old Irish whiskey. . . .

Paul, Yancy, Emily: some things never change.

Keisuke, Alan, Trace (cograts!), Yancy, Rodrigo, and Emily

Paul with the indomitable Sam Jones

Makes me look good, doesn't it, being surrounded by such beauty

Chris, with Keisuke and Rodrigo

Though we weren't invited to ride on the marriage trolley (?), Keisuke, Rodrigo, Paul, Emily, and I sure look like one happy couple

Thanks, Mary and Alan, for the photos, and for putting us up for the night, and for the great time.

After the wedding bells had rung, and I had driven Rodrigo to the airport at like 6am, Mimi and I were off to McHenry, where my mom treated us to a hike through Volo Bog.

Emily near a bird

My mom and I enjoying the view


Mimi in front of the visitor center

Myself and my mom and some cattails

And then we drove west to Rock Island to find an apartment.

on the Augustana Campus

Welcome to our new apartment! We will soon move into a brand new loft aparment in an 80 year old former warehouse in downtown Rock Island. !

This link has some information on the Voss Brothers building, for those interested.

Mimi checks out the loft area.

View from above

The kitchen; should be done soon . . .

And here's the view as you walk in our new front door (that sawdust should be gone soon . . .).


  1. Sounds and looks like it was a great trip. How sad is it that I think I miss your friends from college more than my own? Anyway, can't wait to visit your new apartment! Hope there's an A&F nearby (j/k) (^-^)

  2. Sounds like the wedding was fun. Did anyone get any pictures of Mary or Julie?

  3. Well, Merrica, that's probably because I was lucky enough to meet some awesome dudes. . . .

    We're looking forward to your visit, though I should warn you that the shopping in Rock Island is not quite what it is in Lawrence.

    Mom: I'm eagerly awaiting more pictures, so hopefully I will soon fill out the cast.