in a perfect world of yancies: Last Few Days

24 July 2006

Last Few Days

I've been asked a few times how the packing's going; here's a photo of about a third of our books . . . at least they're all boxed up now; and at least we don't have to carry them.

Anyway, we've been trying to enjoy our last few days here, and so have been taking plenty of breaks from packing. Thursday, we went and played Brainville one last time (unless we go this week . . . who knows?); didn't win, but had fun (sounds horrible written out, but it's true). Afterward (and I swear this was hilarious at the time; guess we'll see how it holds up), Jesse regaled us with tales of underage smoking while, yes, smoking (and smoking).

Saturday, we had some damn good food at the India Palace. Damn good. And of course we went to Free State (maybe Friday night?).

That afternoon found us at the Centennial Park disc golf course.
Mimi driving:

I tried to make this shot, and came close, but it was just one of those days (or whatever is said in such situations):

Mimi "sinking" a putt:

That evening was beautiful; we had to invite Nathan to meet us at the fabulous Replay Lounge.

Sunday: packing, swimming and Burrito King. In between all of that, we saw the quite good film Wordplay (IMDb) at Liberty Hall (beer on tap and "art" films (?): what could be better?). A warning about the link to the film's site: that "challenge" is pretty fun, but quite time-consuming, since you must go to multiple sites to get the clues. . . .

Anyway, soon we'll be in Rock Island; please enjoy the themed song now playing. Cheers.


  1. Ah, the end of an era. When do you depart?

  2. It's kind of a long story, but we're driving up tonight so that Emily can interview for a job at the Augustana archive/special collection; then tomorrow we get our key, sign our lease, and, alas, make the 6 hour drive back to Lawrence.

    Then Friday the movers come; finally, we shall leave this lovely town for good on Saturday. . . .

    Pretty exciting, though I'll feel better once the packing's done.

  3. Lawrence has been so good for you in so many ways; I'm sure you'll have many cherished memories.

    And I wish you happiness in this next chapter of your lives!

    (Good luck to Emily on her job interview.)