in a perfect world of yancies: Now that's a Sweater; Dinner at Jesse's; Braxton in the Sun

18 May 2006

Now that's a Sweater; Dinner at Jesse's; Braxton in the Sun

As many of you (how many of you, readers, are there? at least three that I know of . . .) know, I am too busy to be blogging. I have, however, put this post together bit-by-bit over the last few days, when time allowed. Enjoy.

Mimi finished her sweater last week--well done!

You might notice in this photo, though, that the neck was a little off; what to do? Add buttons? A zipper?

Well, the stitching (as you can tell) is pink; why not add a patch of pink to the neck?

Mimi creating the patch.

The fabulous finished product.

In other news, Jesse had us over for a homemade pasta dinner the other night. Sadly, I only had my phone to document it, but take my word for it--we had a great time, and it was all quite tasty.

Mimi and Scott enjoying their pasta. How safe Emily must be, riding her bike at night with such a reflective leg-tie! (It's on her wrist here for safe-keeping.)

Nathan and Jesse dining.

Lastly, I aquired some photos of the Iwanski's trip to the Grand Canyon.

What I'm told is a (or 'the'?) 'desert tower.'

Magen and 'Brax.'

The Iwanski's: Dave, Braxton, and Magen.


  1. I love the sweater, Emily!

    Yancy, forgive me as it seems that I have taken over your blog to keep in touch with my favorite Kansans.

  2. Emily says: "thanks, Carrie; I finished it just in time to wear it once before the 90 degree weather set in."

    No forgiveness needed, Ms Barrett--the more the merrier!

  3. Nice accent on the sweater, Emily! Does that color combination have any special significance (other than looking cool)? So does this mean we'll soon get to see pictures of the dollhouse, too?

    Dinner sounds yummy; I think your friends are spoiling you.

    Braxton looks cute, as always.