in a perfect world of yancies: Dumps Like a What?

22 May 2006

Dumps Like a What?

Look--it was Deron and someone! ;)
Deron flew in this past weekend for someone's graduation (congrats again). Although we failed to get any gown-shots (feel free, Ms someone, to pass them along if you'd like), we did have a great time Saturday.


Jesse almost always has funny tales about life as a reporter in Bonner Springs, KS. Recently, in fact, he was approached by a (supposedly) up and coming musician/celebrity in Bonner Springs:

Hushmouth. Now you may not be able to tell, but we were told that his gold teeth actually spell out his name (or maybe just the 'hush' part?) . . . fabulous.


Someone, Deron, Nathan, and Mimi

Nathan, with Deron, um, on the side

Mimi, looking quite nice in my jacket


Towards the end of the evening; Jesse, myself, someone, and Deron

And what goes on at such a festive gathering? We talked about the merits (and demerits) of small town journalism; we talked about the Times Book Review's story on the Best American Novel of the last 25 years; we tried to stop Deron from liking Temple of Doom; and, of course, we discussed the Thong Song.

If you'd like to hear a sample of the scintillating conversation from Saturday night, take a listen:

For those more interested than they should be, you can read a definition of 'dumps like a truck' at Turns out the Thong Song was released in February 2000 (wikipedia entry here). I have no idea who the young lady with the 'explanation' was, but it sure seemed entertaining at the time. If you think you want to hear Sisqo sing it (am I really about to do this?) click here.

Oh, and if my faced looked unusually hairless, why that's because I shaved; and don't worry, Emily documented the event.


  1. I do not want anyone reading your blog to think that I am that naive girl talking about the Thong Song. By the way, was I not sooo right about it being in 2000 or 2001? Yes I was. Yancy, I'll see what I can do about getting some cap and gown pics for you. It was yet again another fun weekend with you all.

  2. What -- no link to Hushmouth's music?!

    So it's back to your summer 'do, eh? That beard must've been awfully uncomfortable when your temperature hit the 90's.

  3. Wow! I don't remember Hushmouth being there, but pictures don't lie. It was all kind of a blur.

  4. Yes, you're absolutely right, Haley: you were the only one who got the year right on the Thong Song; I for one will never confuse you with that Sisqo-loving girl.

    I did google Hushmouth (if only he had actually been there; man!), but oddly enough I couldn't find any info on him; guess his career is not as advanced as his dental work. . . .