in a perfect world of yancies: it's beginning to look a lot like . . .

30 November 2005

it's beginning to look a lot like . . .

well, though I am slightly afraid of appearing overly domestic/sentimental/bourgeois, I thought I'd put up these few pictures of our tree (well, actually, it's Diana's tree, but whatever) & of my 'Christmas goose'

Emily hanging an ornament

and what ornament? our friend the back-packing moose, which we got up in Minnesota after the canoe trip in August '04

almost done . . .

in the soft light of the tree


  1. Absolutely fantastic! I really like the one at night, as well, it looks beautiful! I am getting so excited I feel like a toddler... I simply can't wait!!!

    If I never spend another Christmas in Japan it will be just fine with me!

  2. well, we're definitely excited to see you!

    oh, and as one extra, silly touch, I've added some falling snow; hope everyone's enjoying it!

  3. that snow is awesome! how did you do it?
    i'd really like to reiterate how excited i am for an american Christmas (*^-^*)

  4. Love the music and especially the snowflake effect! And the tree brings back happy memories of last year's Christmas in Lawrence. Emily looks so cute ...

  5. ok mr yancy fancy pants, you have to tell me how to upgrade my blog with effects and music. And I still want to know how to post videos. The tree looks nice by the way. Tell everyone I say hi.