in a perfect world of yancies: Fayetteville, AR

14 November 2005

Fayetteville, AR

here I am somewhere in downtown Fayetteville, Arkansas

We went down there this past weekend, so I could deliver a paper on Aristotle at the Southwestern Philosophical Society meeting. The weather--though a little chilly--was great & though it was fall the farmers' market there (a block from our hotel) was overflowing with delicious looking (well, you can't cook in a hotel room, you know) food . . .
While I enjoyed hearing some papers, Emily went out & explored the city--one candidate for a highlight (?) was a tour she took of the 1st house the Clintons lived in together, when they were teaching at the U of Arkansas

Emily in front of the house where the Clintons lived & were married . . .

So my paper went very well--the people there seemed to like it, and I got some good questions (most of which I felt I answered pretty well, if you ask me), and the commentator was Chris Caldwell, a KU PhD who was there with his wife Delilah (also a KU PhD, who was herself there to give a paper) and their handsome 15-month-old son Jay, who was wearing an adorable vest and clip-on tie combo (for some insane reason, we forgot, alas, to get any photographs).

on Saturday afternoon, Emily showed me around a bit, including the beautiful new public library (which, rumor has it, was designed by the guy that Lawrence is hoping to have renovate their library--here's hoping)

Mimi outside the Fayetteville library

the front of the library

the back of the library

we also had the chance to enjoy the film Good Night, and Good Luck, which I would highly recommend, and not only because George Clooney is so cute . . .
and, on our way out of town, there was some entertaining traffic:

a car I thought my sister Merrica, at least, would enjoy . . .

and so we drove back toward Lawrence, and then, about 4 hours into the drive home we got to the Kansas City suburbs, and then . . .

alas, this is how our trip ended . . .
until Deron drove into Kansas City to pick us up & take us home--thanks, Deron!

the good news is a) the car's already fixed for not too much $ (the lug nuts on the front driver's side wheel were broken) and b) at least we had a great trip, and made it almost all the way home . . .


  1. Wow! I'm so shocked you went to Arkansas! I had no idea!!!
    Looks like you two had a good time and that's great. Well, except for that last part anyways (thanks Deron!)

    By the way, that Yellow Submarine car was AWESOME! You know, if that was me, I totally would have tried to catch up with the driver, I imagine him/her to be one cool cat... (^-^)

  2. I'm so happy Emily was able to join you! It's great that your paper was well received! And God bless Deron for coming to your rescue!