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25 November 2005


so with my Mom in town for the week, we cooked up our first thanksgiving dinner; Emily & I did some preparation over the weekend, but things really got going Monday--with some help from my Mom, I got things started while Emily was at work

my Mom, grinding some guajillo peppers for the mole which we served with the turkey

my Mom, helping prepare the stuffing

When Mimi got home, we treated ourselves with some chili (not pictured) that I made once the t-day stuff was ready . . . and then got up (or, in my case, tried really hard to get up) bright & early to see Mimi run a 5-k race along the river with a couple hundred fellow-citizens . . .
. . . unfortunately, in my groggy haste I forgot the camera, but I did manage to get a shot of Emily before she removed her #

Mimi, after finishing the Thanksgiving day 5-k in 28:47--nice!

and then it was time to get the food going

Mimi and the bird

it took a couple of hours for the turkey to cook, which gave us a nice chance to visit . . . and have some beer

Merrica on the phone and a beer in my hand--Happy Thanksgiving indeed

now, I know that's the only picture I'm in, but honestly I did do some cooking; I just don't look very good when I cook . . .

As the turkey cooked, our friend enjoyed his thanksgiving meal outside


our spread--some Amplexus champagne (you can look that word up if you like--but trust me, the champagne was tasty), spiked cranberries, candied yams, jalepeño cornbread stuffing, and the turkey

the remains

for desert, some fantastic pumpkin pie

Friday, Mimi showed us around the ground (and undergrounds) at Unity Village, where she works as Archives Technician

in the tunnels under Unity

Mom and Mimi at Unity

a great holiday


  1. What an adorable mother you have! (^^)
    You know, I'll try and get my pictures up soon, but I'll tell you what, my turkey did not brown as well as yours! Everything looks(looked?) delicious! I might ask you to make me a mock-Thanksgiving dinner when I visit - or atleast the cornbread/jalapeno stuffing!

  2. And you were wondering what to do with all those leftovers! (Hope they freeze well.) I have some great pictures of Emily at the race. Thanks again for everything!

  3. hope your turkey was free range and everything you used for ingredients was organic/natural! Ours was!! Happy belated turkey day, Yancy :-)

  4. Emily, I'm glad you asked--not only was the turkey free range, but it was also raised just outside of town . . . here's to local farming
    & a happy belated t-day to you too!