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24 April 2015

This Is What We Did

Too much fun for one family: that's how it feels sometimes!

As you may know, Washington's National Park Fund called and interviewed Emily recently about our experience monitoring marmots in Olympic National Park.

But did you know they also made a video? Take a look:

WNPF Celebrates Volunteers from Clatter&Din on Vimeo.

See what happens there around 2:35? Oh yeah, it's Franklin! (And us of course.) Woo!

Less important to the future health of planet, but equally fun: blue raspberry lollipop after a haircut:

Yummy Sunday! #barbershoptreat

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Surprising amount of fun representing the Philosophy Department at a recent open house for accepted students who are considering attending Seattle U. Fun mostly because of the super helpful and enthusiastic philosophy majors who helped out:

Back again, this time with industrious students to help! #ilovemyjobagain #welcometophilosophy

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Speaking of philosophy, Peter Singer has to be the most popular one in the US, no? I mean, this event packed a whole movie theater!

Couldn't resist the photo and signed book:


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What else? Oh, have you seen the movie Microcosmos? Franklin highly recommends it:
I mean, it distracted him from wanting to watch sports!!


All right, I have work to do. Okay okay, one more from playing in the gym at the Y during Emily's yoga class:

Sigh. I'm tired.



  1. Emily: How does it feel to be a celebrity?
    Mom Chris

  2. Great video!!!

    1. Yeah, it turned out pretty nicely! Glad we were able to be a part of it!