in a perfect world of yancies: Just your average, restful weekend with Franklin...

04 December 2014

Just your average, restful weekend with Franklin...

Hat & Scarf
But seriously, who wouldn't want to spend a long weekend with that guy?
(Pictured there in the hat Emily made & the scarf I made!)
(Sounders colors, by the way, at Franklin's request...)

So, okay, Wednesday before Thanksgiving it was volleyball, UW vs. Stanford:
UW Volleyball

Souvenirs too:
Volleyball for Franklin

At the UW Volleyball Game
Thanks for suggesting it, Pete!

Back home, we were all about the pumpkin pie:
Butternut squash to be specific, but pumpkin's pumpkin, right?

Pie Crust

Pie Crust 3

Stirring in the Spices

Pumpkin Pie!
He was so into it he ate it for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Rightly so!

Carving the Turkey 2

Small party, but it was great to spend the holiday with family & friends:
Thanksgiving 2014

And I'm also grateful that we had the chance to talk on Skype with even more family (not pictured, alas).

Happy Thanksgiving!

This video was actually from a few days before the holiday, but what the heck, I'll include it here too:

Rain came in on Friday, but luckily we found out that our local YMCA does a kids' gym setup most days. Awesome:
At the Y (3)

At the Y (3)

At the Y (2)

At the Y

Saturday, at long last, we took Franklin to see his first movie:

He loved the popcorn and pink lemonade. And did laugh a couple times at the movie (including that bit in that trailer with the crunchy snacks...).

Sunday we got our tree:
Decorating the Tree

I worked on the scarf pictured up top:
Sitting and Knitting

We finished the leftovers:
Last of the Cranberries
And then, finally, we relaxed... and got ready for Monday. Well, there you have it. More soon!

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