in a perfect world of yancies: A Cheery Grin Will Get You In

22 December 2014

A Cheery Grin Will Get You In

At Myrtle Reservoir Park
I think Franklin is basically guaranteed admission to Santa Claus' party, at least according to these lyrics:

For whatever reason, that seems to be Franklin's favorite Christmas song... He heard it on one of our CD's, but it's not one I know very well, so I'm happy to have that video to help out!

Meanwhile our holiday festivities will take place under some great new decorations:
Kuta Family Painting
Santa & reindeer from Grandma Christine, plus super cool painting of Grandma Christine (third from right) with the rest of the Kuta family:
Kuta Family Painting Closeup
Franklin's Great Aunt Pauline, Great Uncle Al, Grandma C., Great Grandpa & Great Grandma Kuta, Great Aunt Dorothy in her Sisters of the Resurrection habit, and cousins (once removed) Alex and Louis in front.

Great painting, and great idea to hang it there, Emily!

And in front of that painting, we will toast and celebrate and listen to even more Christmas music. A little incongruous but here are a couple of my current favorites:

Also heard some nice music last week on Alki Beach during the Christmas Ship Festival. No sound, but here are a couple of photos:
Christmas Ship Approaches

Christmas Ship

And now, at last, I'm on holiday break. So, let's see... how about story time at the downtown library?
Library Story Time

Franklin was really into the puzzles afterward:
Puzzles at the Library

Very Hungry Puzzle
I'm pretty sure he did this by himself. But can't be positive: he was really in the zone, and when I came over to see he said, "no, you go away!" :)

Also time to do some complicated cooking! Like this delicious Winter Vegetable Curry from the Times:

Photo: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Even time, as you probably heard, to join Franklin's class from the Intergenerational Learning Center on their first field trip!
On the Bus

Bus ride!
On the Bus with Anson

To a park!
Pax at Myrtle Reservoir Park
Myrtle Reservoir Park. Definitely have to go back there soon!

On the Ropes

Climbing at Myrtle Reservoir Park
All right, I'd better go wrap presents! Have a great holiday, reader!


  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Franklin is sooo lucky! Love, Gma C.

  3. Thanks to Christine, I was able to see these wonderful photos and your comments. The painting over the mantle is magnificent! Char B.

  4. Thanks for reading, everyone! And Merry Christmas!