in a perfect world of yancies: Our Indiana Family Vacation

11 August 2014

Our Indiana Family Vacation

Linton Mini Golf
Of course by the time Franklin warmed up to the game, his cousins were on the 17th hole... But trust me, he loved it.

Main event was the 90th birthday of Franklin's great-grandpa Frank:

Thanks to John Armantrout for these photos from the party by the way!

Plus one classic Franklin image:

And then there's the other side of Franklin, pictured here bonding with a distant relation, Matthew, who clearly knows the way to our man's heart:
Pitching to Matthew

After things quieted down a bit we played the aforementioned mini golf:
Didn't actually use this club—insisted on having one like the bigger kids of course :)

Also had a nice day trip to the charming and historic Spring Mill State Park. Didn't get any photos, alas, but we did take home some fresh stone-ground corn meal, so now we all know what the "mush" in Good Night Moon tastes like. (Answer: not bad, if served with maple syrup.)

Great to see Franklin bond with his cousins:
Amelia, Franklin, Braxton

And of course with Papa's tractor.
Tractor 2
He preferred the littler one: guess it seemed like a better fit for him?

Hope to see everyone again soon!

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