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18 August 2014

Our Distinguished Visitor

Glad Merrica made the trip all the way from Tanzania!
Looking for Clams
I think nearly all of this has already shown up on Facebook, but here are a few photos from Merrica's visit:

Mariners game:

Pretty serious stuff.

Sunny cheap seats, but not a bad view:

Day at the beach:

Pretty tiring when all's said and done:

Took the ferry to Vashon Island:
on the Vashon Island Ferry
And the photo up top documents a little of our day there.

Wouldn't be a visit from Merrica if there wasn't food involved:


So much more was eaten, but it looks like that's it for photos...

Good visit all told. Come again soon!

And while Merrica moves on to Montana and the rest of her vacation, we're trying to make the most of these last few weeks of summer, with a little help from our new ride:
Riding at Lincoln Park

New Bike Seat!

Bike Seat!

Bonus flip flop shot:
Flip Flops!
Okay, summer won't last forever so I'd better go enjoy it!

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