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07 July 2014

Summer Days

Happy to be making the most of the long days with Franklin and Emily.

Grilling kebabs, with help from Franklin:
Kebab Assembly


Gratuitous Mt.-Rainier-in-the-background photo:
Kebabs with a View
I guess at some point I might get used to seeing that from our place? Not any time soon, though, I'd wager! Go ahead and click here if you want a bigger version.

Visiting with Matt:
Matt's Visit
aka Kiwi.

Skyline with Matt
Thanks for the awesome model of the Air New Zealand plane—Franklin loves it! And really wants to fly on one, so maybe we'll see you again soon? ;)

Train ride to Portland:

Just long enough for some fun and some rest:
Peaceful Train Ride

Then off to a fun barbecue with Samson (on the stump), his parents, and some of his parents' excellent friends:

Thanks all! Thanks especially for the popsicles!


Stayed up late for fireworks:
Waiting for Fireworks
The staying up and waiting seemed more rewarding and interesting to Franklin than the actual fireworks, but I'll take it.

Hiking in Forest Park with Willa and her parents:
Which House
Great to see everyone!

And we saw an owl!
Owl not pictured, but I swear this bench is just down the hill from the Audubon Society of Portland:
Audubon Snack

Just a little more fun in Portland before heading home:

Seems appropriate to end the Portland photos with a shot of a cool bike rack:
Fremont Bridge Bike Rack
Strong start to summer! What's next?
Actually, Franklin wants to have a party and go on an airplane, so I guess I'd better go start planning and packing!

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