in a perfect world of yancies: CA 14 Pt 1:Sunny, Ceremonial, and Scenic

25 July 2014

CA 14 Pt 1:
Sunny, Ceremonial, and Scenic

Ah, that California sun!
California Sun

Flew down to Oakland last week:

Had the pleasure of attending Geoff and Lauren's wedding:

Didn't get any pictures of our own unfortunately, but luckily their photographer is awesome and posted everything online for us to enjoy.

Did I mention that sun?

Great time. Put on our ties, saw some old friends:
Ready for the Wedding?

Like Rodrigo:
Will Franklin Smile?

And Aiko, pictured here behind us on the cute little train that ran around the wedding venue:
I See Aiko

Speaking of kid-friendly stuff, they also had a treehouse with a ladder, so that's not bad:

Not a bad setup for dinner either:

And Jeremy was looking good of course:
Here's to Jeremy

A few more favorites from the professionals:

Even one with Andy, who we hadn't seen in what, like fifteen years?

Great time. Congrats everyone!

Luckily we also had a little time to relax in Los Gatos, where the wedding was held:
Relaxing by the Pool

Including spending the morning at the awesome Blossom Hill Park, which among other excellent attractions includes the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad:
Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad
All aboard!

A nice dinner back in Oakland at the KangNam Pho House:

So close:
KangNam Pho House

Great seeing everyone!

Aiko, Yancy, Franklin, Jeremy

Speaking of seeing everyone, thanks to a serendipitous Facebook post we found out that Dave and Diana were also vacationing in California that same week. So glad we got to see them!
And so glad Emily suggested meeting them at the Scenic Drive-In, an excellent little roadside restaurant in Modesto. Yum!

Scenic Selfie
They were on the way back from the same spot we were heading: Yosemite!
More on that soon!

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