in a perfect world of yancies: Take Two

23 February 2014

Take Two

Birthday Cupcake
Great time celebrating Franklin the other day! Thanks to everyone for coming! And thanks to Jen and Wendy for the great photos!

He loved the cupcake. Waiting to eat it while we tried singing Happy Birthday? Not so much... :)

Great gifts too!
Opening Wendy & Roman's Gift

With the Ferry Boat

Yes this train set has 47 pieces, but at least they're all pretty solid, and at least it's under 50!
With the Train Bridge

Pretty awesome that he has favorite library books, and that he made this face when he realized that he now owns his own copy of one:
Dinosaur Dig!
Okay, due to the intricacies of national and international shipping, the gifts are still rolling in (might have to rent closet space from the neighbors!), so don't be surprised if there's more soon!

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  1. What wonderful photos! And what a wonderful celebration!
    Love, Grandma Christine