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07 February 2014

After a Good Week,
On to a Great Weekend!

The last time we went to Mt. Rainier, Franklin was still inside of Emily. Seems like it's about time to let him see the place for himself!

(Not my photo (thanks Stone Creek Lodge!), but it sure is pretty!)

Been quite a week. Franklin sure loved watching those Seahawks! And the victory cupcake from Jen and Madhu:

You probably saw this already, but here he is getting ready for kickoff:

Please also feel free to enjoy the hilarious and charming New York Times write-up about the giant celebration on Wednesday. (No, we weren't there; just read about it afterwards...)

Totally off topic (there's a topic here???), but we've had less time for cooking lately, but this is a recent standout recipe:

Pasta with Parsnips and Bacon. Yummy!

Okay, meanwhile, we've got to go pack the car!

See you soon, reader!

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