in a perfect world of yancies: Happy Christmas to All

02 January 2014

Happy Christmas to All

Thanks to Aunt Magen, Uncle Dave, Braxton, Amelia, Evan, Nana, and Papa for a great Christmas visit!
Family at the FoxCycle (cropped)
Thanks for the photo too, Magen! Not easy to get almost everyone in one picture, and with the FoxCycle too!

Great to see Franklin spend some time with his cousins:
With Amelia
And adorable, if a little poignant that even after we've been back almost a week he still asks about going back to "Aunt Magen's house" :)

Delicious food too!

Here we see sweet potatoes on their way to being roasted with coconut milk, cilantro, and my favorite condiment, Sriracha:
Yummy Sweet Potatoes
So yummy! Recipe here.

And an excellent pork roast:
Christmas Roast

Plus a mini Christmas concert thanks to Braxton!
Jingle Bells: And Again!
What you can't see in this photo, of course, is an enthusiastic Franklin, clapping and saying "And again, Jingle Bells!"

A few more photos, by the way, in a set on Flickr.

At first he didn't like the cold (and don't even ask about trying to go sledding during nap time), but eventually Franklin seemed to enjoy the snow:
Snowy Walk

Perfect weather for hot cocoa:
Hot Cocoa On Franklin St., Geneva, IL
Not a bad spot to stop for a sip either!

We also visited Great Aunt Dorothy, which was good, though I forgot to take any pictures there.

Had to take this one on the way though: maybe, unlike us, you heard about all the Dominick's grocery stores (no relation) being permanently closed around Chicago. So weird being inside one on its last day:

Okay, thanks everyone for the fun!
Long Winter's Nap
And to all a good night!

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  1. I guess we Dominick's have all abandoned the Chicago area.