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01 September 2013

A Friendly Review

Lot of fun we're trying to squeeze in this week—can you believe it's the last weekend for the wading pool??—it's been tough to find time to post much lately. So, here's a quick attempt to get caught up:

Great seeing so many friends recently! Deron and Haley spent a few days in the area, and Franklin enjoyed showing them around Capitol Hill:
Emily, Franklin, Deron, and Haley

And we even convinced him to stay home with a babysitter one night so we could show off a couple of spots he's still too young for, like Sun Liquor:
Haley, Yancy, Deron

The extra, exciting twist was that Jeremy and Aiko were also here at the same time, scouting out possible jobs and neighborhoods:
Jeremy, Aiko, Emily
Sure hope it works out—would be great to see everyone more often!

Trying to help them fall in love with the Emerald City, we took them on the water taxi and spent a nice afternoon in West Seattle:
The Gang on the Dock

Franklin suggested some activities:
Rent Me

But we opted for more delicious food from Marination Ma Kai instead:
Yancy and Aiko Enjoying Seattle's Summer Sky
Great setting, great food, great company!

The Gang at Marination Ma Kai

And of course Franklin did his best to make our little apartment look like a charming place:
Franklin and Jeremy 2

Franklin and Jeremy

Franklin and Aiko

Franklin and Aiko 2
Hope to see all of you again soon!

Bonus photo! This is from almost a month ago, but I love this photo that Monique sent us from her & Jamie's wedding:
Family Photo at Jamie & Monique's Wedding
Rosé and string cheese: yeah, we know how to bring the party :)

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  1. How wonderful to "see" your old friends; I really enjoyed the photos of them. Does anyone need convincing to fall in love with Seattle?! And Franklin is the "frosting on the cake"!
    Love, Grandma Christine