in a perfect world of yancies: Serve and Volley

18 August 2013

Serve and Volley

Kalua pork sliders with Franklin & Emily: perfect way to end the week, and to start the weekend!
Kalua Pork at Marination Ma Kai
Okay, it was only Thursday, but close enough.

But let me backtrack a little. Thursday was the annual Seattle U Faculty & Staff Service Day. Nice way to remind myself that I should really be doing more for my community. And definitely more than one morning of work... but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?

This year I was put in a group that worked at the Danny Woo Community Garden. Cool spot. I'd never heard of it, even though it's been there since 1975, but luckily the woman we worked with told us a little about it. And here's a bit from their website in case you're curious, reader:

The Danny Woo International District Community Garden is a special urban park in the heart of downtown Seattle. Located adjacent to the City of Seattle’s Kobe Terrace Park, the Danny Woo Community Garden makes up part of 1.5 acres of the largest green space in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District (C/ID). The steeply terraced garden is comprised of nearly 100 plots, tended by about 70 elderly Asian gardeners. The garden is an important place where low-income gardeners can socialize, get exercise and raise vegetables that reflect their cultural foods of choice: bok choy, bittermelon, daikon, and watercress among others.

Great setting too:
Danny Woo Community Garden: View to the South

Danny Woo Community Garden: View of Smith Tower

Here's an action shot—heading to get some tools and start uprooting blackberry bushes (lesson from the two Service Days I've attended: Seattle has way too many blackberry bushes!).
Danny Woo Community Garden: Seattle U Service Day
Someone also got a group shot when we were finished, but I haven't tracked down a copy yet...

UPDATE 19 August: Here it is!
SU Service Day

After putting in almost three hours of work in the garden, I figured it was fair to take the afternoon off. Headed over to West Seattle and spent an hour or so hanging out with Franklin and his classmates at the Intergenerational Learning Center.

Then Emily joined us and we had that delicious dinner mentioned up top. Also had to get the kimchi quesadilla:
Kimchi Quesadilla
If you're ever in West Seattle, you've got to try Marination Ma Kai!

Finally, Franklin's been having fun with his now 18-month-old (!) self. Working on throwing Saturday morning:

And today (Sunday) we thought if we could get to the playground before they finished filling the pool, we might actually be able to persuade Franklin to have his fun on dry land for a change... No such luck :)

Oh well, who can argue with "splash! splash!"?

Have a great week!


  1. I can't believe how big Franklin is getting!!! He looks like he really enjoys the splash, splash! Can't blame him (^_^)