in a perfect world of yancies: The Near and The Dear Ones, The Old and The Young

18 December 2012

The Near and The Dear Ones,
The Old and The Young

Well, mostly young, and definitely dear. Franklin continues to charm his way into every blog post I write... Here he is entertaining his second cousin (or is it first cousin once removed?) Diana:
Emily, Franklin, Diana

Cousins 2

He also had fun Skyping with Anders the other day.
Skype Play Date with Anders
Couple of cuties!

And lunch with Vince:
Lunch with Vince
(Aka Uncle Vinny.)

Fun to notice him noticing other cute babies too, on Skype, at daycare, and even in his copy of Global Babies:
Reading "Global Babies"
Thanks again Bria & Michael!

Also fun that he fits in his new Jayhawk outfit:
Let's Go Jayhawks!
Thanks again Wendy!

And of course he's still enjoying the tree and keeping us all on our toes:
Christmas Tree 2

Speaking of the holidays, let's end with some music. Colbert put together a pretty good version of one of my Xmas favorites:
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Sign Off - Jeff Tweedy, Mavis Staples & Sean Lennon - "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)"
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All right, that's all for today, reader. I hope you had fun :)

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  1. Wow--all the way around!!! Love, Gma. C.