in a perfect world of yancies: Me To You, The Merriest!

22 December 2012

Me To You, The Merriest!

I've pretty much got everything on my list, but we're off in the morning to spread some holiday cheer, Franklin style. In the meantime, just a few recent photos.
Holiday Lights
And thanks to Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rhonda for the tasty treats on the table :)

Walked over to the Volunteer Park Conservatory today to take a look at the awesome decorations and Christmas train (not pictured...). Franklin seemed to enjoy the sights:
Christmas Decorations at Volunteer Park Conservatory

The title of this post, by the way, is a line in this fun song from one of our favorite holiday albums:

And partly because it seemed too big to carry, partly because it looked fun, we let Franklin go ahead and open his first present:
Opening His First Xmas Present
Good stuff, and that's just the bow!

And inside, this super cool transit map of Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land:
Wonderland/Looking-Glass Land Transit Map
Love it! Thanks again, Bria and Michael!

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