in a perfect world of yancies: School Photos

08 November 2012

School Photos

Class Photo
As if there weren't enough good news this week, we now have our prints from Franklin's school picture day!

Okay, and in anticipation of a question from Grandma Christine, he's wearing his KEXP Elephant T.

And of course, you can get one for yourself: donate here :)

Here are our other favorites:
Baby Room Class Photo
Class photo with most of the baby room. Let's see, going clockwise from the left, that's Theo; Franklin's teacher Mulu, who is holding Quinn; Charlene, holding the other Quinn; Karin, holding Enzo; Veronica; Franklin (woo!); and Claire.

Emily's favorite outtake:
Hands in Mouth
By the way, we've also gathered all of these in a set on Flickr.

Leaning & Smiling
Have a great weekend, reader!


  1. Impressive use of the long sleeve under layer, very Seattle! I got Anders a KEXP shirt and he should be fitting it soon.

  2. Thanks, Jon; we figure it's best to start early with that sort of thing :)

    Looking forward to seeing Anders sporting his T!

  3. I like Emily's favorite outtake! What a cutie!!!