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27 November 2012

A Wonderful Watershed Weekend

So glad that Franklin's Nana and Papa Hughes came to visit for Thanksgiving! So thankful, even :)
Rattlesnake Ledge
Sunday found us up atop Rattlesnake Ledge. A great hike, and some surprisingly great weather.

One of the cooler things about the hike is that even though it's like 30 miles from the city, it's on land owned by the City of Seattle and managed, I believe, by Seattle Public Utilities. That's because it's right on the border of the 90,000+ acre Cedar River Watershed, the main source of drinking water for Seattle. I've seen plenty of "no trespassing" signs before, but never ones that marked land set aside for over 100 years in order to protect a resource as precious as municipal water. No wonder Franklin likes drinking our water so much!

View from below, at Rattlesnake Lake:
Rattlesnake Ledge from Below
Good bit of a climb: about four miles roundtrip and 1,000 feet of elevation gain. I tracked our progress on my phone; here's a link in case you'd like to take a look.

But you know you've picked the right hike when folks look this happy when all is said and done:
With Nana Under Rattlesnake Ledge
Behind them, of course, is another view of the top of the trail. Definitely have to return soon, and maybe take a look at the Education Center!

As for the rest of the visit, we didn't get too many turkey photos, but we enjoyed some great food; the highlight was the sweet potato gratin we made following a recipe from How To Cook Everything. Delicious! Probably a fair amount of the credit goes to the super tasty sweet potatoes from Central Co-op, but in any case, yum!

Franklin also received some nice new clothes from his grandparents:
Nice New Clothes!

All in all a great visit. Hope to see you again soon!
Franklin with Nana and Papa

Family Photo

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