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09 August 2011

What We're Watching

Film Socialisme, the newest movie by Jean-Luc Godard, got one or two strong reviews, so we took a look.
And now, I can confidently report that, well, we saw it. Parts of it were very pretty. Most of it didn't seem to make much sense (and the pidgin, mostly nouns, all caps subtitles didn't help a whole lot). There's some missing gold, some European history, and some children who might be about to declare their candidacy for the French presidency (or maybe not?).

Still interested? Apparently Godard himself posted this high-speed version online—the entire movie in only 4 and a half minutes!

Honestly, the experience of watching that is quite close to the experience of the movie at a 'normal' speed.

On the other side of just about everything, I've been watching MTV! For the first time in like years! We'd heard that Awkward was worth a look, and I definitely agree.
Funny, clever, with good acting and even some character development. I really like some of Godard's stuff, but in this particular case I'm not afraid to say that my heart is with MTV.

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