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21 July 2010

Gardens, Songs

Moon Bridge
Let's see... first of all, we saw a great concert the other day. Heard a live in-studio performance on KEXP, and learned that the Mynabirds where performing that same night...

So we went. I took a video with my phone. It's not great quality, but in case you're interested:

Also music: I mentioned it on Twitter, but this video is so good it's worth reposting:

Janelle Monáe, Tightrope

And our weekend? Well, I'm teaching my Knowledge & Beauty freshman seminar again at Seattle U in the fall, and I've been looking for a new art/beauty-related field trip... Thought maybe a Japanese garden would provide interesting contrast with all the Plato and whatnot.

So we did some scouting, first at the Kubota Garden way down south in Rainier Beach (also pictured above).


With Ducks
Fun spot, but 50 minutes is a long time to spend on a bus...

Closer to us is the Seattle Japanese Garden.
Turtle at Seattle Japanese Garden
Note the handsome turtle there in the middle.

One nice feature (actually pictured back behind that turtle) is the Shoseian teahouse. They offer brief tea ceremonies/demonstrations. We tried it out the other day: very nice.

That reminds me: I was supposed to email the woman in charge of the tea demonstrations about my class... better run! Cheers, reader!

Oh, one last note: tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of this blog! Thanks for reading!


  1. Spectacular opening photograph!

    And, as usual, a very interesting entry.

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary! I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing your blog and look forward to more posts.

    Mom D.

  2. Thanks!
    I definitely like the improved camera on this new phone--just about all of the recent pictures and videos here were taken using it, which is pretty cool, I'd say.